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Congratulations to participants in the Attic Institute's first Creative Renewal Weekend

Nearly twenty writers gathered in Dufur, Oregon at the Balch Hotel, on February 25-27 to restart their writing lives.

Voices from the weekend:

Amy Knauer: "I am free! I know I will write a novel as well as I know my name."


"Suzy Harris: "The weekend gave me time to reflect, to connect, to learn and to practice new skills."


Debra Holbrook: "As my first ever event lke this I encourage anyone interested in writing to make it a priority to invest in this experience. The Creative Renewal Weekend delivered exactly what those words mean!"


Susannah Carver: "Going to the Creative Renewal Weekend was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I now feel much more confident, inspired and, indeed, renewed. I have found my passion and joy once again."

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Notes from David Biespiel, President of the Attic Institute


Letter announcing the new Attic Institute

"Eleven years have gone by in a blink. But today begins a new era as we renew our dedication both to the word and to the world."


Interview about the founding of the Attic Institute

"All sorts of excellent pieces of writing get started and finished here. That's what it means to be a literary studio."


Farewell commentary as editor of Poetry Northwest: " A Sense of Form and A Sense of Life"

"I realize now that the divide between Modernist American poetry and, let's call it, Rilkean American poetry is largely unnecessary. Poetry can be both a repository of wisdom and contain revolutionary feeling -- even in the same poem."


Essay on poets and democracy in Poetry magazine: "This Land Is Our Land"

"America's poets have a minimal presene in American civic discourse and a miniscule public role in the life of American democracy. I find this condition perplexing and troubling -- both for poetry and for democracy."