APPS DUE: SEP 18: Poets Studio 2022-2023 | Oct 3 - May 29

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Poets Studio is based on the idea that focusing on goals is the key to lasting growth as a poet. Poets Studio is a weekly workshop that will run from Sep - May for 30 weeks. It is designed to give form and focus to your poetry writing. The Poets Studio is open to applications from all poets. Poets join the Poets Studio as members and attend for the entire session. This creates the Poets Studio's special experience: a steady, supportive, and comprehensive study of your poetry among other poets.

Read more about the Poets Studio.

Deadline to apply is Sep 18, 2022

To Apply: Please send ten (10) pages of poems and a 250 words "Statement of Goals" to the Attic Institute.


All students must show proof of Covid-19 vaccination. 

Mondays, Oct 3, 2022 - May 29, 2023, 5:30-8pm, 30 weeks
Attic Institute, 1033 SW Yamhill, Suite 405, Portland, OR 97205
Total Fee: 
Registration for the 30 weeks of Poets Studio is $1860 ($1930 via PayPal). Learn more about registration and payment plans: