Writing Fellows Application

Attic Institute Writing Fellows Application

Becoming an Attic Institute Writing Fellow gives you the opportunity to bring your passion for writing to one of Portland's most vibrant literary schools.

Successful Writing Fellows possess outanding literary qualifications and the desire to teach well. Fellows are expected to work with the Attic to actively recruit students into your classes.

Apply Here (when deadlines are announced)

1. Name

2. E-mail Address

3. Address / Phone 

4. Please describe your specific teaching experience, if any (250 words maximum)

4a. Please describe why you feel you are qualified to become a Summer Teaching Fellow.

5. Please list your major publishing credits.

6. Please propose up to three (3) class ideas. It's OK to propose just one class. (250 words maximum)

7. All Attic teaching fellows are expected to recruit students into their classes. Please characterize why and how you'd be able to actively recruit students into your specific class. (250 words maximum)

8. Please list the names and contact information for two (2) references.