Attic Atheneum Nomination/Application Form

Nomination/Application Form: Atheneum Fellows

Use the questions below to write your nomination, and then e-mail your application to with ATHENEUM APPLICATION in the subject line. Writers may nominate themselves for the Atheneum. There is no fee to apply.

1. Please list in order the following information:





Date of Birth



2. I am applying for admission in the following genre. Select only one:






3. If you have taken workshops in the past, with whom have you studied?


4. Please include the following manuscript material:

~ Fiction: 20-25 pages. This may include short fiction or part of a novel.

~ Non-fiction: 20-25 pages. This may include memoir, essay, journalism, or creative non-fiction.

~ Poetry: A small group of poems. 10-15 pages.


5. Please include a brief descriptive statement in answer to the following:

Given that the Attic Atheneum involves monthly one-on-one mentoring and semi-monthly genre team meetings, how do you see an 11-month course of study at this time in your life as essential to your writing ambitions?


6. Please include a brief descriptive statement in answer to the following:

Given that the Attic Atheneum involves 18 members (12 students, 6 faculty) that attend four Atheneum community gatherings and receptions, in addition to the 3-day urban retreat that concludes the program, how do you envision your role as a participant in the community of the Attic Atheneum and your class?


7. Please include one letter of nomination/reference. You can include the letter with your application materials or have your recommender send it. Either way is fine. The letter should address the following:

~ Your interest in writing and literary community

~ Your demonstrated capacity to thrive in both the one-on-one and group  community environment of the Atheneum

~ Why you would be a valuable addition to the Atheneum mission and community.


8. Q&As to give us a sense of you:

~ Describe your personality in 3 words.

~ Your favorite fictional character: Books.

~ Your favorite fictional character: Films.

~ Best 3 films.

~ Favorite food for a quiet dinner.

~ If you could have lived in another time period, which one?

~ Name a political hero.

~ Name a family hero.

~ Your best conversation starter.

~ Surprising conversation head-turner about you.


Please note:

Application and nomination materials cannot be commented upon or returned, and cannot be amended or added to once we have received them. 

Reminder: Applications must be received by May 10, 2020. E-mail your application to with ATHENEUM APPLICATION in the subject line.