Every Writer Has a Thousand Faces is a must-have for any writer's library


"Finally, an anti-bullsh*t message on creativity!"

~  James Marcus, writer and critic, deputy editor of Harper's Magazine


"Does for the creative process what Strunk and White did for our approach to grammar and style. Indispensable."

~ Marjorie Sandor, writer and former president of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs



First edition sold out!

Every Writer Has a Thousand Faces cracks open the creative process and invites readers to take a fresh look at the mysterious pathways of the imagination. Failure is the engine of creativity writes poet and critic David Biespiel in this provocative book based on his 2009 lecture at the Rainier Writers’ Workshop.

Biespiel candidly tracks his own development as a writer and challenges traditional assumptions about writing that can stifle creativity. The liberating message: Working past the brink of failure—being free to try and discard and try again—is what allows the creative process to playfully flourish, keeping the spirit open to unexpected discoveries.

Both beginning and experienced writers—as well as artists, musicians, dancers, and anyone else on a creative path—will benefit from this elegant, surprising, and fresh perspective based on methods developed exclusively at the Attic, the unique literary studio Biespiel founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1999.

Every Writer Has a Thousand Faces will revolutionize the way readers look at their own creative process. It is a rich and rewarding book, a captivating glimpse into the inner life of some gifted writers and painters—and above all, a guide to a lifetime of discovery.

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