A House to Write In, From, and About

A Generative Fiction Workshop w/ Elinam Agbo

"A house can be many things. A witness, a shelter, a prison. A house can hold multitudes. Family matters, domestic conflicts, psychological warfare, ants. What lives in a house? What stays together, and what falls apart? How do writers of the uncanny utilize the rooms and walls in a house? We’ve all heard of the haunted, weary house. But what about the liveliest house on the block? What does it have to say? In this generative workshop, we will explore the role of the house (and the many voices inside it) through writing exercises and prompts. We will also read and discuss short stories by Daisy Johnson, Mariana Enriquez, Samantha Hunt, Helen Oyeyemi, Amelia Gray, K-Ming Chang, and others. Then, with the tools we’ve gained, we will investigate this multifaceted space in our own work."

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