Attend the Attic's Poets Studio

Poets Studio w/ David Biespiel

"One of the things I feel Poets Studio participants, regardless of experience and skill, can benefit from, is an extended concentration on only a few pieces over a couple months.

The theme for the Spring Sessions will be "Devotions." We'll focus on poems written "to" -- whether they're epistolary explicitly or dedicatiory. With a singular audience in place, Spring Sessions will progress as follows:

Sessions 1-3: Making. We’ll start from scratch on a few poems, developing strategies of imagination, research, trial and error, and writing several “test” drafts over several weeks.  

Sessions 4-7: Noticing. Here we’ll begin to be attentive to what might be possible with various drafts of poems, in the writing process — noticing what they are doing and not doing, what they are implying and avoiding, and what they are potentially able to become, and what they can’t ever become (but might as well try it out to find out for sure), as we make more and more drafts.  

Sessions 8-10: Changing. Someone else, not me, would call these last three sessions, Revision. The goal of the last three sessions is to continue making changes, narrowing the possibilities, all the way until your poem or poems are “finished.”  

My hope is that, after the ten Spring Sessions, you’ll have freshly experienced a process of writing, including writing together each week during Poets Studio gatherings that gives you new tools, skills, and patience for writing your poems. The goal of the Spring Sessions is for everyone to finish 2-3 brand new poems, while we’re all in conversation with each other, and then to prepare these, as you see fit, to submit for publication in the fall. "

Learn more here. Applications are due March 21st.