AWP is This Week!

This week, from March 3rd-7th is this year's Annual AWP (virtual) Writing Conference!

Check out hundreds of panels, resources, and the bookfair throughout the week, but first, be sure to register here. For a full schedule of the conference, click here.  In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of some of the panels below:

  • W107. Gag Me with Nonfiction: Writing and Publishing Gross Stuff.

(Clinton Crockett Peters, Angela Pelster-Wiebe, Lina Ferreira, Jill Sisson Quinn, Joey Franklin) Cannibalism, cockroaches, car thieves, rotting squirrels, parasitic wasps . . . five writers who have tackled unsavory topics discuss strategies for writing that stinks—in subject. How do you engage readers with the repugnant? How do you maintain suspension of dislike? How do you turn garbage into art? These writers offer tips on what is gleaned about human nature by examining what repulses us. They will also elucidate how to market unlovable subjects. Join us as we revel in the revolting.

  • T106. Loss, Memory, Transformation: Women Poets and the Elegy.

(Cara Dees, Yalie Kamara, Allison Adair, Melissa Cundieff, Janine Joseph)
Susan Stewart notes that, traditionally, women's reactions to death were often “limited to suicide, euphemism or enforced silence.” These five women poets will explore how they utilize the elegy form today–whether it be as lament, meditation, song, or howl–to give shape to loss. Together, they will speak to their own strategies for writing about grief and survival, paying attention to how loss intersects with gender, identity, silencing, and trauma.