Where to Submit: Erica Krouse's Submission List

In 2018, fiction writer Erica Krouse compiled a list of over 500 literary magazines and journals to help fiction writers figure out where to submit work based on each journal's awards, circulation, payment, and overall "coolness." 

Updated for 2021, Ranking of 500 Fiction LitMags is a great resource to begin the process of researching where, as a writer, you would like your work to be published and why. While the list is cultivated with fiction in mind, most journal's rankings also apply to poetry and creative nonfiction as well. 

Krouse writes "I've often had students ask me what the “best" literary magazines were. I realized that I didn't actually know, right after I agreed to teach an intensive class on the subject. Where are the best places to submit, and according to what standards? I stumbled Clifford Garstang's incredibly helpful blog. But then I wondered, what about Best American Short Stories? So I found John Fox’s excellent site. And the O. Henry site. Then I wondered why all the rankings were so different from each other. And then I wondered if I had any Valium left over from my prescription 10 years ago. And then I remembered spreadsheets."

Check out her exquisitely exhaustive submission list!