SPRING: Poetry of the Ecstatic Unknown Workshop w Ashley Toliver | Apr 6 - May 4

“Whatever inspiration is, it’s born from a continuous ‘I don’t know.’” ~ Wisława Szymborska

In this class, we’ll approach writing as an emergent process, using Gertrude Stein’s famous line, “And then there is using everything” as our guide and north star. Each session, we’ll work to connect with the inherent and subtle creativity of the body through exercises designed to help us cross the threshold to what is unknown. In the spirit of shared experiment, we’ll push our poetic inquiries further through selected readings from contemporary poetry and assignments geared toward exploring this new new territory of the interior. Through sustained experimentation, interaction and collaboration, you’ll find new fluidity in your work and open the potential for grace in the process. | Maximum 12 writers

“I mean Negative Capability, that is when man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.” ~ John Keats

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Mondays, 5:30 - 7:30pm, Apr 6 - May 4, 5 weeks
Attic Institute of Arts and Letters, 4232 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
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Discounted Early Registration is due seven (7) days prior to the start of the workshop. | Discounted Early Registration: $215 (cash/check); $227 (Paypal). | Tuition Registration: $230 (cash/check); $242 (PayPal).