Lin-Manuel Miranda and Friends Purchase Drama Book Shop in NYC

When I was in high school, my family began a semi-annual tradition of visiting New York City. I was theater-crazy - we all were - and back then, tickets to a Broadway show seemed like an affordable splurge. (Today, they cost twice your car payment, but that's a different story). We organized those trips around the theater. We'd see a play every night, of course, and matinees on the weekends and Wednesdays. When the show was over, the house lights would come up, and we'd stumble out to see the actual City.

Sometime in the course of that wandering, I found the Drama Book Shop: a century-old bookstore that sold scripts and sheet music and theater histories to the New York theater community out of an attic-like space near Times Square. There is no feeling like the marvel of discovering your tribe. I lurked around the store, reading scripts and stealing glances at the other patrons, wondering if they were in one of the shows I'd just seen. 

The Drama Book Shop has been struggling with high rents for some time, and late last year, they announced they would be going out of business. But good news: Lin-Manuel Miranda and three of his “Hamilton” collaborators have now purchased the store and entered into a joint venture with the city, which has pledged to find the store an affordable space in Midtown. Their reopening is expected for fall of this year. Read all about it here