Bookstore Moves to a New Location - With a Human Chain, Book by Book

If you love bookstore, here's a story that will put a smile on your face. Thanks to NPR for bringing it to us:

"When October Books, a small radical bookshop in Southampton, England, was moving to a new location down the street, it faced a problem. How could it move its entire stock to the new spot, without spending a lot of money or closing down for long?

The shop came up with a clever solution: They put out a call for volunteers to act as a human conveyor belt. 

As they prepared to "lift and shift" one Sunday, they expected perhaps 100 people to help.

'But on the day, we had over 200 people turn out, which was a sight to behold,' Amy Brown, one of the shop's five part-time staff members, told NPR. 

Shoulder to shoulder, community members formed a line 500 feet long: from the stockroom of the old shop, down the sidewalk, and onto the shop floor of the new store.

Cafes brought cups of tea to the volunteers. People at bus stops joined in. Passersby asked what was happening, then joined the chain themselves. 

'We had elderly people, children, and everybody in between,' Brown said."

Find the whole story here, on NPR.