Oregon Institute for Creative Research: E4

The Attic Institute of Arts and Letters is proud to be the home of The Oregon Institute for Creative Research, an independent 501(c)(3) organization that is a platform for envisioning, generating, and developing new models for art and intervention, theory and practice, research and critique, representation and verification; a school and educational initiative in which students and researchers work on major questions of pressing concern and global import in terms of junctures and intersections (Ethics, Æsthetics, Ecology, Education); and a project incubator for actuating optimal futures in the face of massive global change, political polarization, and environmental crisis. 

Led by co-directors Anne-Marie Oliver and Barry Sanders, OICR fosters the work of thinkers and makers devoted to tackling social, psychological, and ecological problems in new and innovative ways—scholars, theorists, researchers, journalists, documentarians, social-justice advocates, artists, writers, and poets.

Each year, fifteen students/research apprentices are selected to work with OICR faculty and associates on projects possessing direct relevance and applicability for rethinking major sites of contemporary contestation in the twenty-first century, from the threatened disappearance of politics to the rise of social media; from biotechnology to the posthuman; from surveillance to war, revolution, and political terror; from the question of visuality to the art of the question, with special attention paid to the central role played by aesthetics.  Many of the Institute’s inaugural projects address the rural-urban divide, quandaries of verification, epistemological crisis, and the increasing attenuation of sense-based experience.

Building on 100+ years of combined experience in teaching, writing, and research and a long history of promoting student and alumni success in fields ranging from teaching, writing, creative direction, strategic research, design research, visual research, ecological restoration, intellectual property rights, and social advocacy, we seek to advance the reunification of all human branches of knowledge as the necessary first step in resacralizing the world.

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