Attic Writers' League

Attic Writers' League is a program of the Attic Institute of Arts and Letters that provides an amazing experience in creative writing, focusing on William Faulkner says are the three essential elements every wrier needs: experience, observation, and imagination. The workshop is open to all writers in all genres.

The Attic Writers' League's brief, affordable workshops meet the needs of the emerging writer. The motto of the Attic Writers' League is “Write another one.” The philosophy allows writers to engage, explore, and immerse yourself in the physical pleasure of writing, knowing that other workshops are available for revision, critique, and further development of original pieces. The Attic Writers' League emphasizes the importance of the practice of writing regularly, even if this means simply writing a single word, and then another one.

No single philosophy or pedagogy is in vogue in the Attic Writers' League. Instead, writers are encouraged to follow your strengths, to experiment with forms new to you, and to apply your own perspectives. The goal of the Attic Writers' League writer is to show up to your writing regularly, to locate ways to be accountable to your imagination and stories, to build focus, camaraderie, and community, to write in a way where the dignity of expressing yourself is seen as natural, and to trust that your interest in your writing deserves a fresh awakening.

The Attic Writers' League workshops meet for one hour once a week. Each hour-long session is devoted to a single focus - without the pressure or interference of sustained critical feedback and critique best accomplished in longer workshops.

Come on up. Join the Attic Writers' League.