Introductory Consult Information

After your Free Consult, new ICG registrants take the next step with an Introductory Consult, an easy way for you to show us a sample of your writing, get a little feedback, and ultimately get organized for further support. The objective of the Introductory Consult is to advise you about how we can help you best. The Introductory Consult might lead to a one-time Read, Review, and Strategize Consult or to an extended Advanced Consult.

One note: Writers who have already taken workshops at the Attic Institute may be able to move directly into a Read, Review, and Strategize Consult or an Advanced Consult without going through the Introductory Consult step.

How it works: After registering for an Introductory Consult, you e-mail us up to 20 double-spaced pages. We'll take a look, schedule a second fifteen minute conference call with you to review your sample and, more important, discuss your next options.


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