Read, Review, and Strategize Consult Information


The Read, Review, and Strategize Consult (RRS) provides you with the opportunity to work closely one-on-one with an editor or writer chosen specifically with your project in mind.

The process includes you and your consultant working together on a longer portion of your project, such as a complete draft of a manuscript, drafts of chapters, outline notes, or even a synopsis. 

How it works: Writers must first register for an Introductory Consult or have taken classes at the Attic Institute before registering for a Read, Review, and Strategize Consult. Next, you get into the details with our editor about what the focus of the consult should be. The Read, Review, and Strategize Consult includes reading your materials, plus a one-hour consult by phone or in person. Your conference might include discussion of ideas and strategies for revision, general narrative and thematic arc, character development, and style — as well as other questions you may have about your writing, including publication leads. For poets, the consult might include discussion of common themes, stylistic concerns, ordering of a manuscript, and publication leads.


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