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Free Consult

Email us to schedule a free fifteen mintute conference call about your writing, writing needs, and writing projects.

Introductory Consult
$35 (cash/check); $37 (PayPal). This administrative fee covers setting up your ICG account, reading up to 20 double-spaced pages of your writing, and the initial review and conference by phone.




Read, Review, and Strategize

We offer specific page and word count registration options because we're aware that working with a writing consultant is an important investment. 

     RRS A: Work with your writing coach on up to a maximum of 35,000 words. $265 (cash/check); $274 (PayPal).

     RRS B: Work with your writing coach between 35,000 and a maximum of 50,00 words. $310 (cash/check); $320 (PayPal).

     RRS C: Work with your writing coach between 50,000 and a maximum of 60,000 words. $360 (cash/check); $372 (PayPal).

     RRS D: Work withyour writing between 60,000 and a maximum of 70,000 words. $410 (cash/check); $423 (PayPal).

     RRS E: For manuscripts that are above 70,000 words: $410 (cash/check); $423 (PayPal). Plus $2 (cash/check) or $3 (PayPal) per 250 words.  

     FOR POETS:  Poetry RRS A: Work with your writing coach up to a maximum of 30 pages or 30 poems. $210 (cash/check); $217 (PayPal). / Poetry RRS B: Work with your writing coach between 31-50 pages or a maximum of 60 poems: $290 (cash/check); $299 (PayPal). / Poetry RRS C: For manuscripts that are over 50 pages: $290 (cash/check); $299 (PayPal), plus $2/page (cash/check) or $3/page (PayPal).

     FOR PICTURE BOOK WRITERS: Registration to be determined based on the project.


Advanced Consult

Advanced Consult registrations begin with setting up your Advanced Consult membership. This registration fee maintains your ICG member account for six months, and, most important, ensures that your writing coach or editor makes your project a priority during your consult period. In addition to the initial membership registration, you are billed on an hourly basis for your writing coach or editor's reading, preparation, and conference time.

     First-Time Advanced Consult Membership Registration: $290 (cash/check) or $299 (PayPal). Plus: $64/hour (cash/check) or $67/hour (PayPal).

     Upgrade Registration from Read Review and Strategize Consult: $215 (cash/check); $224 PayPal). Plus: $64/hour (cash/check) or $67/hour (PayPal).

     Advanced Consult Renewal Registration: $240 (cash/check); $248 (PayPal). Plus: $64/hour (cash/check) or $67/hour (PayPal).



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