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All Individual Consult Group (ICG) consults begin with a free, fifteen minute conference call with Attic Institute of Arts and Letters president David Biespiel. The conference call is designed to help you get answers quickly about Attic offerings, how you might get unstuck with your project, and how to get helpful feedback about your interests, questions, and needs.

After this initial call, writers sometimes register for a workshop or set up a formal Introductory Consult, which is the next step in the ICG process to pair you up with a writing coach or editor selected specifically for your project and to determine whether a Read, Review, and Strategize Consult or an Advanced Consult is best for your goals.

How it works: To initiate a free consult, e-mail us — and when you do, please let us know specifically what you're working on and want to discuss. Then we'll get back in touch and begin to talk together about your writing.


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