Fridays on the Boulevard Open Mic

A unique open mic.

Share the words.

Listen and respond to fellow writers.

Build community.

First Fridays of the month (except summer). ***Open mics will resume in 2020.

7-9pm. At the Attic Institute, 4232 SE Hawthorne.

Bring your own genre.

How Fridays on the Boulevard works


"I attended Friday on the Boulevard with my partner and wanted to write to say how much we enjoyed it. Great evening of literary readings with a wide range of subject matter and styles. I have taken two Attic Institute classes in the past seven months or so and had been hoping to see a program like "Fridays..." come to the Attic. What a wonderful opportunity to become part of the writing community here in Portland. The open mic hosts were generous and gracious, encouraging those of us who read material. We also really enjoyed talking to other writers who attended and made plans to meet again at the August meeting. I can see this program becoming a nexus for writers to explore other classes and programs."

~ Barbara Gabriel


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