Poetry Generative and Critique Workshop w Ruben Quesada | Mar 12 - Apr 9 | Online

Join us for a Poetry Workshop, a class that welcomes poets of all levels of experience. Learn the craft of poetry in a welcoming and supportive setting. Every class includes a variety of writing exercises designed to inspire original poetry throughout the course and beyond. We will examine poetry's mechanics, including rhythm, rhyme, imagery, and figurative language. The workshop style of the course is its beating heart; it is there that students will share their own poetry. In this workshop setting, participants are encouraged to share their work and receive feedback in an environment to promotes personal and professional development through practice and revision.

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Tuesdays, Mar 12 - Apr 9, 6 - 8pm (Pacific), 5 weeks
Online via Zoom
Total Fee: 
Registration: $275

A Statement of Our Values

The Attic Institute of Arts and Letters opposes the legitimation of bigotry, hate, and misinformation. As a studio for writers, we do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind. We embrace and celebrate our shared pursuit of literature and languages as essential to crossing the boundaries of difference. To that end, we seek to maintain a creative environment in which every employee, faculty member, and student feels safe, respected, and comfortable — even while acknowledging that poems, stories, and essays delve into uncomfortable subjects. We accept the workshop as a place to question ourselves and to empathize with complex identities. We understand that to know the world is to write the world. Therefore, we reaffirm our commitment to literary pursuits and shared understanding by affirming diversity and open inquiry.