Defiant Women and Defiant Books: A Reading List

Curated by Amy Butcher on Literary Hub, "Defiant Women and Defiant Books" is a reading list that follows authors that de-center, interrogate, laugh at, or cry about the toxicity of the patriarchy and the permissive hold it has on each of us. 

"Writing, then—or reading, for that matter—has never been a habit of simple pleasure. Literature has always been the relief. Writing and reading has taught me what it is to be a woman in this world, which is to say that I have experienced simple pleasures, yes—a yellow tent, spring’s shimmering woods, a first date spent sampling twelve varieties of spicy mustard—but also unthinkable and gendered terror. To be a woman in America is to know both: the pleasure of living inside this body but also the danger it, daily, invites. To be a white, straight, cis-identifying woman is to know far fewer dangers, and I don’t frankly know what this amplification must mean and feel like in the bodies of other women."