Fanfare for Nonfiction

Past students of Lee Montgomery's "Art of Personal Essay and Memoir" cannot help but RAVE about their experiences in the workshop:

"I had never written a personal essay before taking Lee Montgomery's workshop. The class gave me the confidence to sit down at the computer and write and, ten months later, I haven't stopped." -Abbie Fields 

"Lee’s workshop approach is serious and sensitive, fair, and generous, humorous, and supportive. She emphasizes all the positives in the student's submissions and judiciously steers them to go deeper and truly align with their talents as well as suggest what is not working with the encouragement to try it a different way and see for themselves what happens. I can't recommend Lee Montgomery enough, as mentor, teacher, writer, and critic." -Jodi Lorimer

"What I appreciated most about the essay class with Lee was the wide variety of essay styles she introduced. The critiques of our work included discussion and questions that prompted ideas for expanding and deepening the writing. Lee is supportive, fun to work with, and smart in her writing. I'm grateful to have taken the essay workshop with her!" -Cathryn Vogeley

"Lee Montgomery’s editorial critique of my novel manuscript was everything I had hoped for, and more. She read with insight and clarity, offering me a detailed picture of what was working and what wasn’t—exactly the things I couldn’t discern for myself. My book is profoundly better for her help. I whole-heartedly recommend her services." -Megan Benton

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