A Conversation Between Dorothea Lasky and Lauren Berlant

In a conversation published in MAKE Literary Magazine, poet Dorothea Lasky and literary scholar Lauren Berlant "share an interest in pedagogy, since they identify first and foremost as teachers. And while Lasky and Berlant diverge wildly on the topic of God and spirituality (a marked disjunction of the case), both urgently and forcefully study the way we operate and live in the world."

"Lauren Berlant: I am a person of the world. I am interested in the flourishing of beings in the context of lives that they are hammering out in the present. I am interested in the ways people find sustenance and make survival happen in worlds that are not organized for them. I am interested in why people stay attached to lives that don’t work, as though people would not survive the wholesale transformation of those attachments and the lives built around them, as though they would rather be miserable, stuck, or numb than tipped over in the middle of invention. Making worlds is very hard and losing them is devastating."

While this conversation occurs in 2014, its themes remain urgent and insightful. Read more.