Don't Miss These January Workshops

Creating a Writer's Notebook: Artifact and Mulch w/ Wendy Willis

"In this two-day workshop, we will explore the practice of creating and sustaining a writer's notebook. On the first day, we will begin to use a notebook to catch the wisps of our days and uncover the musings of the deep imagination.  Two weeks later, we will come together to discover how the raw material in the notebook can be transformed into finished pieces of writing. This workshop will have frequent breaks to ease the strain of working online for so many hours, as well as timed writings by hand (again, to ease the time on the computer), and breakout sessions to work one-on-one or small groups."

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Seconds to Centuries: Managing Time in Short Fiction w/ Elinam Agbo

"In Tobias Wolff’s very short “Bullet in the Brain,” a second blooms into years. Generational wounds carry great influence in Lesley Nneka Arimah’s “The Future Looks Good,” and Alice Munro guides us through memory in “The Bear Came Over the Mountain.” How does a single decision echo across lifetimes? How do time and mortality connect strangers? In this workshop, we will expand and dilute moments in our fiction, learning from those who do it best."

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