#BoxedOut: Independent Bookstores vs. Amazon and the Pandemic Pt. 1


Book Post shared an interesting article about the changing fate of independent bookstores as they reckon not only with Amazon, but with the economic impacts of the pandemic.

In "Notebook: Boxed Out (Part One)," the same advertising team responsible for selling Payless shoes to shoe-influencers for hundreds of dollars, started a new campaign to draw attention to local bookstores during the holiday season.

"The boxes were tagged with lines like 'Our WiFi is free—please don’t use it to make a $1.6 trillion company even richer' and 'Books curated by real people, not a creepy algorithm that wants you to buy deodorant' and mock book covers like To Kill a Locally Owned Bookstore and Little Women Who Own Bookstores And Are Getting Priced Out By Giant Warehouse Retailers."