Book Party/Launch + Art Opening | David Biespiel in Conversation with Phil Sylvester | Fri Apr 3

You're invited to this amazing twin bill.

Book Party and Launch for the Tenth Anniversary Edition of David Biespiel's classic book on writing, Every Writer Has a Thousand Faces, with a new Foreword by Chuck Palahniuk.

New Abstract Paintings and Portraits by: Joan Findlay, Gary Mac Smith, and Phil Sylvester


Friday, April 3

Art Opening, 5-9pm 

David Biespiel in conversation with artist Philip Sylvester, 7pm

Drawing Studio, 3614 SE Division

Newly revised and updated, with Foreword by Chuck Palahniuk

Here is the classic book, re-issued for its tenth anniversary with a new Foreword by novelist Chuck Palahniuk, who writes:

"This book has been in print forever because what it offers works for people. . . . you’re about to read magic."

This book cracks open the creative process and invites readers to take a fresh look at the mysterious pathways of the imagination. First insight from acclaimed poet and critic David Biespiel: “Failure is the engine of creativity.” 

Biespiel candidly tracks his own development as a writer and challenges traditional assumptions about writing that can stifle creativity. The liberating message: Working past the brink of failure —being free to try and discard and try again—is what allows the creative process to playfully flourish, keeping the spirit open to unexpected discoveries.

About the artists

Joan Findlay: In her fifth decade painting, Joan Findlay has been described as a painter’s painter. Her work is in private collections throughout the U.S. and is currently seen in the hit television show, “Shrill." 

Gary Mac Smith: Gary Mac Smith has been drawing and painting since taking his first class at The Drawing Studio 25 years ago. His work has been shown at the Littman Gallery as well as other venues in Portland and Seattle.

Phil Sylvester: Phil Sylvester has been making drawings, paintings, sculpture, and guitars for over 40 years. His work is in collections or has been exhibited in London, Berlin, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake, and Portland. He has taught at Lewis and Clark College and Oregon School of Design, and founded The Drawing Studio in 1991.