ONLINE: Find Your Voice Fiction Workshop w Joanna Rose | May 2 - June 6

Sentences are the Lego of Story

A critique workshop for writers of all levels designed to lead you deeper into the experience of your story, true or imagined. Any story depends on its sentences, and this workshop is built on defining what the job of its sentences is, and how they are doing their work. We’ll look into voice and language in the terms of the stories at hand. | Maximum: 12 writers [No class Memorial Weekend]

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NOTE: To protect everyone during the c-19 pandemic, we're going to offer this course via Zoom. All students must first sign up for a free Zoom account. It's easy. And we can help you with the particulars.

Saturdays, 9am - 11am, May 2 - June 6, 5 weeks
This will be a special remote workshop facilitated on ZOOM
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Discounted Early Registration is due seven (7) days prior to the start of the workshop. | Discounted Early Registration: $215 (cash/check); $227 (Paypal). | Tuition Registration: $230 (cash/check); $242 (PayPal).