How to Link Up a Short Story Collection: Advice from "Craft"

Anyone interested in publishing a book of short stories has probably seen the advice: Submit to literary journals. Enter contests. Also, it may improve your odds of publication if the stories are linked together with a common element. Linked collections can share a subject, like Alison Lurie's Women and Ghosts or a setting, like the Vietnam War in The Things They Carried. Or they may revolve around the same main character, like Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son. It's up to the reader to discover these points of connection, to realize that the child of the first story is the old man of the last story. A linked collection is like a mysterious and disarticulated novel. 

But how does a writer go about creating (or uncovering) the connections between the stories? A recent article in Craft, How to Link Up a Short Story Collection, addresses this very question.