Congrats to the Winners of the Charlotte Udziela Memorial Scholarship for Women Writers!

Early in the year, we announced the Charlotte Udziela Memorial Scholarship. Charlotte was a poet and long-time friend of the Attic who studied extensively with Matthew Dickman. To honor her memory, her friends and family established a generous bequest that would enable a dozen talented writers to pursue their passion by fully covering their tuition for a spring class at the Attic, ensuring that economic need would not be a barrier to these emerging voices. 

Congratulations to the winners, listed below!

Valarie Rae, Tara Karnes, Christine White, Leslie Williams, Maria Vix Gutierrez, Carmen Hinckley, Jessica Wadleigh, Kirstin Fulton, Laura Durkay, Rachel Faino Holguin, Mary Baker, Azalea Micketti

Recipients were almost evenly split between those who are new to the Attic, and those who are returning students. They also came from a variety of writing backgrounds: "I have an MFA in screenwriting," one said. "I've been writing for fun most of my life." "I had been a 'closet writer' for many years." 

What they all had in common were a seriousness about their writing and a deep appreciation for the generosity of the the Udziela friends and family. "This scholarship meant everything," one recipient said. "I am a human with disabilities who lives on approximately $800 a month - BEFORE rent. There would have been no way for a person living on my monthly finances to afford a class with The Attic. So often workshops leave out humans who live at a lower socio-economic status. I think offering this scholarship to women like me shows that The Attic cares about those who aren't from a place of privilege. And to Charlotte's family. Thank you. I will include Charlotte's name on my thank you page WHEN I'm published. Because I WILL be published."