Update: Winners of the "Museum of Words" Flash Fiction Competition

Last year, we reported that the "Museum of Words" annual Flash Fiction competition was open to submissions. The competition, which has applied for a Guiness World Record as the most lucrative international literary prize, awards $20,000 to the winning flash fiction piece (of 100 words or less), as well as $2,000 each to the Runners Up in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. 

In 2017, the winning entry was "The Sniper" by Armando Macchia of Argentina. Here it is, reprinted for your inspiration. Other winning entries can be found on the website of the Fundacion Cesar Egido Serrano, the sponsoring organization. 

"The Sniper" by Armando Macchia

Every day, while waiting for the bus, a child pointed at me from a balcony with his finger, and pulled the trigger of his imaginary gun, screaming at me “bang, bang!” One day, just to keep the routine play, I also pointed at him with my finger, yelling "bang, bang!” The child fell to the street like struck down. I ran to him, and saw that he half opened his eyes and looked at me stunned. Desperate I said "but I just repeated the same as you did to me." He responded then sorrowful: "Yes Sir, but I was not shooting to kill."