SPRING: Wayne Gregory's How To Make a Scene Workshop | Apr 14 - May 12

“If life gives you lemons, don’t settle for simply making lemonade – make a glorious scene at a lemonade stand.”   Elizabeth Gilbert

You have an idea burning in your soul for a great story. Visions of dramatic actions and captivating characters flash in your mind like fireflies on a summer night. But, how to get started? How to turn all that imagination into a story? The scope of a novel or book-length memoir can be overwhelming and many a writer gets sidetracked by uncertainty about how to divide the task into manageable chunks. This workshop will explore the development of scenes as the building blocks of narrative. We will take a big picture look at how scenes fit together to create a full-length story and also dissect the internal structure of scenes. We will consider the kinds of writing tools needed to construct scenes that advance the plot, reveal the characters, or both. Each week, you will try your hand at different kinds of writing in order to get a sense of the range of possibilities for “showing” and “telling.”  This class is useful for those writing fiction and creative non-fiction.

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Saturdays, 10am - 12pm, Apr 14 - May 12, 5 weeks
Attic Institute of Arts and Letters, 4232 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
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Early Registration and Tuition Deadline is seven (7) days prior to the start of the workshop. | Early Registration: $207 (cash/check); $219 (Paypal). | Late Registration: $222 (cash/check); $234 (PayPal).