Celebrating Women Writers with Soapstone

In Portland, we're blessed with many writing resources. Among them is Soapstone, whose mission is to bring people together to celebrate and support the work of women writers. Their primary work: study groups that offer the opportunity to delve into the work of a single woman writer.

In March and April, there's Reading Adrienne Rich (led by Sara Guest); in May, Reading Susan Glaspell (led by Gay Monteverde). When fall rolls around, they will be Reading Virginia Woolf's Nonfiction (led by Judith Barrington). Meet fellow readers and writers and get inspiration for your own creations! To participate, the workshop fee is $60 and scholarships are available. Or if you're interested in leading such a group, note that small grants are available to support this, and applications are due March 15. For more information, visit Soapstone.org.