How Fridays on the Boulevard works

  • Interested readers place their name in a hat when they arrive. If you’ve had the opportunity to read at a recent Fridays on the Boulevard event, your name will be placed on an alternates list so we can encourage as many new readers as possible.
  • Our reading order is selected promptly at 7 p.m., so please arrive early to place your name in the hat.
  • We will have time for at least eight readers, with additional names pulled as time allows.
  • Each reader has seven minutes to share their work, with musical cues provided at six and seven minutes. You will be timed, so please be prepared. Reading for less than seven minutes is fine.
  • Introductory remarks or any background information are included in your allotted seven minutes.
  • After each reader, audience members will have a minute or two to fill out forms giving readers feedback on volume, pacing and enunciation. Positive comments on content are always appreciated too.
  • If you just want to listen, you are more than welcome to attend!  
  • At any Fridays on the Boulevard reading, you are invited to bring a friend, family member, or fellow writer.

Our goal is to create a true sense of community across all writing genres. 

If you have questions about the format of the reading, please email us at: