Writing Prompt: On the Road

If you've looked around, you know: there are a busload of bad writing-prompt web sites out there. One happy exception is run by Poets & Writers: Poets & Writers Writing Prompts. There, you can find inspiring prompts for poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. With thanks to P&W, here are some of their latest. So set the timer, take out a pen, and tuck your cell phone under the couch cushions. Enjoy!

On the Road (Fiction)

Last month, hundreds of thousands of red Skittles were found on a highway road in Wisconsin, having spilled from a truck transporting the candy for integration into cattle feed. Write a short story that starts with a similarly striking image of something highly unusual found on a road. As the story progresses, continue escalating the mystery and oddity of the situation. Does the story end with a satisfactory resolution, or does it leave the reader with lingering questions?

The Bop (Poetry)

The Bop is a form of poetic argument consisting of three stanzas, each followed by a repeated line or refrain. The first stanza is six lines and presents a problem; the second stanza is eight lines and further expands upon the problem; and the third stanza is six lines and either resolves or documents the failure of resolving the problem. Read a Bop poem by Afaa Michael Weaver, who created the form during a Cave Canem writing retreat, and then try writing your own.

Hidden Talent (Creative Non-Fiction)

Poet, jazz musician, woodcarver, multimedia artist, painter. A variety of hidden talents may in fact lie behind the familiar faces of an apartment building porter, doorman, handyman, or other neighborhood figure. Write an essay about a time when you learned about someone’s secret skill or hidden talent. What are the assumptions that accumulate when you only encounter someone in a professional or public capacity? What might be inspiring or exciting about the idea that anyone—perhaps even everyone—may have a hidden talent?