Kelley Baker

Kelley Baker

Adjunct Fellow at the Attic Institute of Arts and Letters

Kelley Baker has written and directed three full-length features (Birddog, The Gas Café, & Kicking Bird), eight short films and other documentaries. His films have aired on PBS, Canadian and Australian television, and have been shown at Film Festivals including London, Sydney, Sundance, and Edinburgh. A graduate of USC’s film school, he is the author of The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide: Part One & Part Two. He was also the sound designer on six of Gus Van Sant’s features including Good Will Hunting and My Own Private Idaho.

Road Dog is Kelley’s newest book and is available on Amazon and at his website, 

“As Eat, Pray, Love is to love and spirituality, Road Dog is to the raucous, independent, and contented life.” - William M. Akers, author, Your Screenplay Sucks!, Mrs. Ravenbach's Way

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