Attic Institute to occupy Wordstock, October 13-14


We are delighted to be EVERYWHERE at Wordstock October 13-14, including creating the 'Open Write' writing competition, hosting the poetry stage, and our faculty fellows giving talks, readings, sitting on panels, and more. 

OPEN WRITE: Wordstock and the Attic Institute team up for an action-packed, fast-paced, improv writing competition. Hosted live from Wordstock's weekend Book Fair at the Oregon Convention Center, Open Write gives brave writers the chance to showcase what they can do with only a writing prompt, a computer, and nine minutes. Their prose is posted to the web, the digital audience and the judges each select a champion. Winners announced daily at 5:30pm from the Open Write podium next to the Drinkery.


Saturday, October 13

11am: John Brehm & Stephanie Lenox

12pm: A Face to Meet the Faces: Anthology

1pm: Crystal Williams & David Axelrod

2pm: Floyd Skloot & Greg Chaimov

3pm: Bruce Beasley & Suzanne Paola

4pm: Andrew Feld & Jodie Marion

5pm: Ed Skoog & Scot Siegel


Sunday, October 14

11am: Kathleen Flenniken & Paulann Petersen

12pm: Poetry Northwest

1pm: Andrea Hollander Budy & Lisa M. Steinman

2pm: Jim Shugrue & John Morrison

3pm: Poets from the Athenuem at the Attic Institute

4pm: Wendy Willis & John Daniel


Attic Institute faculty fellows read at the following times: 

Peter Zuckerman, 11am, Saturday, October 13

James Bernard Frost, 1pm, Saturday, October 13

Yuvi Zalkow, 5pm, Saturday, October 13

Paulann Petersen, Sunday 11am, October 14

Karen Karbo, Sunday 12pm, October 14

Wendy Willis, Sunday 4pm, October 14


Attic Institute faculty fellows sit on panels or giving talks at the following times:

James Bernard Frost, panelist, "Putting Words in the Mouth of God," 11am, Oct 13

Peter Zuckerman, talk, "Triage: A Better Way to Revise," 1:30pm, October 13

Karen Karbo, panelist, "The Allure of the Lives of Others," October 13

Yuvi Zalkow, panelist, "What Sex Does To a Story," 4pm, October 13

Yuvi Zalkow, talk, "Obsession X Voice," 12pm, October 14

Lee Montgomery, panelist, "The Art of the Ending," 3pm, October 14

James Bernard Frost, talk, "The Anti-Hero's Journey," 3pm, October 14