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at the Attic Institute

We're iike you, and we know that a writing coach or editor or literary trainer who is on your side is essential. Since 1999, we've worked with thousands of writers to make the Attic Institute a haven for creativity and literary success. From that experience, we know that just as actors need directors, orchestras need conductors, and painters need dealers, so it is too that writers need editors, agents, and publishers.

We make the process of getting one-on-one consults easy and, just as important, productive. We help you organize your wriiting project, prioritize your literary goals, and strategize for success with a specifically-selected member of the ICG based on your literary ambitions, interests, manuscript, and needs.

To get started, it only takes a quick e-mail.

Tell us about your writing situation, and we'll help you plot a way forward from first draft onward toward publication.

Achieve your writing ambitions

For Non-Fiction Writers


Help with Just One Story

Book Manuscripts

Writing for Children


Writing Memoir

Creative Non-Fiction

Travel Writing

Non-Fiction Prose


For Fiction Writers



Help with Just One Story

Putting Together a Collection of Short Stories

Novel in Progress

Ongoing Manuscript Development in Fiction











For Poets



Finishing Some Poems and Sending Them Out

Poetry Chapbook

Poetry Book

Ongoing Manuscript Development in Poetry














Navigate the Literary Maze


Help with:

Finding Agents

Preparing Book Proposals

Exploring Publishing Options

Speaking with Experts with New York Literary Experience








Copy Editing Services



Proof Reading

Line Editing

Developmental Editing 









Other Programs:




We have ICG members with experience in children/s,early reader, YA, and all the children's book categories.



Contact us for advice on how to self-publish high quality books for national distribution.